Helping Girls Caught in the Thailand Sex Trade

For years, ADRA has been on the front lines rescuing girls out of the Thailand sex trade. ADRA has a girl's home set up that takes girls out of the sex trade and places them into a life where they can heal. ADRA also actively works with girls from families who are at risk of being sold into the sex trade to prevent this from happening by bringing them into the ADRA girl's home.

Girls living in the Thailand sex trade are basically sexual slaves. They are forced to live in small cramped rooms with no windows. They entertain men all day and night and do not receive breaks. These girls are not paid, and they are not cared for by anyone. Most of them contract AIDS as a result of the entertaining they are forced to do. After several years, these girls are thrown out into the streets, cast away.

ADRA takes these girls and helps them regain their lives. Girls that are cast out are brought to the ADRA girl's home, where they live a life far away from the torture they once endured. In the ADRA girl's home, they are introduced to a normal way of living. Girls get to sleep at night, have 3 meals a day, the opportunity to have daily baths, and attend school. Girls who know how to read and write receive training in other skills such as tailoring, cosmetology, accounting, and other trades. They are taught how to interact with business people. These girls are taught how to go on a job interview, how to integrate into society, and how to do common everyday tasks like opening and maintaining a savings account.

ADRA works with the girls formerly caught up in the Thailand sex trade to provide them a new life far away from their pasts. Programs like this are not government funded. The only way ADRA is able to continue programs like this one, where these girls have a safe place to go, heal, and learn, is through private funding from individuals like you and I. Please invest in the lives of these girls, to help them live a normal and productive life outside of the Thailand sex trade. Your gift today gives these young girls a new life!

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