ADRA's World Radio

ADRA’s World Radio is a weekly 30-minute program featuring stories from the front lines of ADRA’s fight against poverty. ADRA’s World Radio explores the issues and chronicles the experiences of the women and men of ADRA who are creating long-term solutions for food security, economic development, primary health, disaster response, and basic education around the globe.

ADRA’s World Radio can be heard each Saturday at 2 p.m. eastern time on the LifeTalk Radio Network or you can listen online by selecting a title below.

Most Recent Messages

Vergiel Ramirez, Associate Director for ADRA Sudan
War, drought, and chronic poverty have displaced millions of people in Sudan. Ramirez describes the current situation that many displaced families are experiencing in refugee camps, and how ADRA is providing help for those who choose to make the long journey home.

Paulo Lopes, Country Director for ADRA India
India is a society of extremes where high technology and deep poverty coexist. Paulo Lopes discusses the work that ADRA is doing on behalf of the poorest, especially women affected by the recent Asian tsunami who are receiving small business training, which is giving them a new opportunity to succeed in life.

Darcy de Leon, Country Direrctor for ADRA Mozambique
Malaria, an often fatal disease, is causing havoc among Mozambique's population. More than 5 million cases were recently reported in this southeastern African nation. Darcy de Leon, Country Director for ADRA Mozambique, speaks about how ADRA is helping families take steps to prevent this disease.

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