World AIDS Day Resources

December 1--World AIDS Day--is just around the corner. Each year, ADRA, along with the worldwide community, commemorates World AIDS Day to show its support and involvement in the global effort to stop AIDS. The fight to halt the spread of this deadly disease is one of the biggest challenges the world has ever faced. ADRA is working to stop AIDS, and we invite you to take up the challenge, too.

Use the following resources to help you-along with your church, community, or school group-get involved in the global effort to stop AIDS.

Online Video

Watch Faces of AIDs

Printable Downloads:

Adult Program Guide- Sermon, Stories, Statistics, Action Steps, & more!

Youth Program Guide- Youth Discussion & Activities

Announcement Guide- Speaker or publication/bulletin announcements

World AIDS Day Poster

Resources Available by Request:

Commemorative Ribbons for attendees

"The Face of Aids" a 6 minute video introduction to HIV & AIDS today

Complete Resource Kits (same materials available for download on this site)

ADRA's Original Really Useful Gift Catalog with HIV & AIDS projects that you can adopt.

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