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On this page is a description of ADRA’s employment and volunteer practices. If after reviewing our employment practices and position vacancies, you wish to be considered for employment with ADRA, please submit your resume on this website. Include contact information and several professional and personal references. Your resume is maintained in a searchable database. Submit your resume only one time and for one position. You will be considered for all positions for which you are qualified for one year. If after one year you wish to be considered for a position vacancy, please resubmit an updated resume.

Employment Practices

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency, International (ADRA) is an independent humanitarian agency established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church with the purpose of individual and community development and disaster relief around the world.  Through its network of affiliated ADRA offices, we help people in more than 125 countries without regard to age, ethnicity, politics or religion.

To fulfill our mission, ADRA and its network of affiliated offices, each of which is independently responsible for its own activities, have a world wide workforce of approximately 5,000 employees and countless volunteers.  Because of employment and immigration laws in each country of operation, most staff must be citizens or permanent residents of the country in which the network offices are located.  While the ADRA Headquarters office in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, may assist network offices with international recruitment, and the establishment of position criteria ~ the selection of the most overall qualified candidate and completion of specific employment contracts are responsibilities of each network office.

For a limited number of senior management and technical positions, ADRA or network offices may recruit and employ individuals from outside the specific country of operation whom ADRA refers to as “international expatriates.”  The employment opportunities for international expatriates are categorized as contract and intern.  ADRA network offices may also accept individuals who desire to provide volunteer services in specialized areas.

Positions held by international expatriates typically require a Master’s Degree, or equivalent, in business administration, international development, public health, or related fields.  The positions also require three to five years of experience in international development.  In addition to fluency in the English language, knowledge of French, Spanish, or other languages is often necessary, and is always preferred.

ADRA is committed to equal employment opportunities for all individuals.  ADRA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, marital status, or handicap/disability in its hiring and employment practices.  ADRA exercises its constitutional and statutory rights as a religious organization and employer to prefer members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in employment.  Those employees of ADRA who are recruited but not members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are expected to accept the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of humanitarian service and practice a lifestyle compatible with ADRA policies and Seventh-day Adventist beliefs.

In each country where ADRA provides services, a Country Director is used to coordinate development and relief activities. Résumés for the purpose of being considered for employment as a Country Director may be submitted using this website, and will subsequently be forwarded to the ADRA Board of Management in the country where employment is desired. Membership in the Seventh-day Adventist Church is a prerequisite for these specific positions.

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ADRA, from time to time, designs programs which specifically utilize the service of volunteers. Provision of transportation, housing, and living expense assistance varies with each assignment and are described in the explanation of specific volunteer opportunities.

Individuals are asked to volunteer for a minimum period of one year, unless the volunteer program has lesser duration. ADRA believes that a one year volunteer program maximizes the opportunity for the individual's contributions while minimizing turnaround costs to the ADRA network office.

Individuals selected for volunteer service will be contacted by the ADRA network office where the services are being requested, and all volunteer arrangements will be between that ADRA office and the volunteer.

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