Where We Work: South Asia

Like East Asia, South Asia has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years, but many of the 1.4 billion residents are in danger of being left behind by their own country’s rapid growth. Many communities have none of the necessary skills to let them take advantage of new business opportunities. And despite growth in some economies, millions are left still facing the same problems their parents and grandparents faced.

HIV/AIDS is widespread in some areas, due in part to the prevalence of the sex trade. Women and young girls are also trafficked across borders to be sold into service as sex workers. The need for clean water and sanitation exists in many places, and natural disasters like the 2004 tsunami have devastated enormous areas.

ADRA is giving men, women, and children the ability to better themselves and advocating for the social changes it will take for even more people to be able to live full and happy lives. For more information on what ADRA is doing in South Asia, read the stories and project descriptions by clicking on the tabs above.

Provide a Brighter Future in Asia


Four billion people call it home.

The deadliest disasters happen here.

It has the worst polluting cities . . .

And most of the world's undernourished.

For more than 50 years, ADRA has been ministering to the needs of millions of people in Asia. Without ADRA's continuing ministry of compassion and mercy, millions of children, women, and men would be left hopeless in the depths of poverty.

Literacy = Knowledge; Knowledge = A Better Life


Educating and training for women and girls changes their lives and the future of their families and communities.

In 2009, ADRA has set a goal to raise $1.5 million to bring access to education to women and girls around the world.

Your gift today will open the doors to an education and a better life.

ADRA Delivers Increased Aid in Southern Myanmar


On May 14, ADRA finalized a cooperative agreement with the WPF to assist survivors of Cyclone Nargis through food distribution in and around Labutta, a town that has become a focal point for thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) seeking refuge in dozens of make-shift camps, and where ADRA has already provided at least 25 metric tons of rice to survivors.

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Water for Life


In East Timor, ADRA is the only humanitarian agency focusing its efforts on the hard-to-reach region of Viqueque. Instead of assisting the needs of people near the capital city, the few ADRA staff are bringing clean water to remote villages.

Spring 2011 Works Update


We've all heard the proverb: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. As much as possible, ADRA projects are designed to follow this concept, and our initial investment in a community continues to make a difference for a very long time - even if ADRA stops working in an area.

The sewing machines for the Philippines project appeared in the 2006 edition of ADRA's Really Useful Gift Catalog. Private donors enabled an initial distribution of 18 sewing machines. Each woman was required to pay ADRA 550 pesos [$13] a month to repay the loan of the sewing machine. By requesting this, ADRA was able to turn this onetime gift catalog project into a sustainable sewing bank. To date, 120 sewing machines have been distributed over the past five years.

Cambodia - A Place of Hope


Since 1988, ADRA has been working throughout Cambodia. Water and sanitation, mother-child health, food security, stop smoking campaigns, adventure therapy, training village health workers and birth attendants are just a few of the current projects.

How A Two-ounce Baby Chick is Changing the Lives of Filipino Farmers


Alfonso Vinson, a 52-year-old Filipino farmer, is a living example of ADRA's motto: Changing the World, One Life at a Time. ADRA has helped Vinson twice now, one time, literally saving his life.