ADRA @ Work

South America

Summer 2012

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Brazil: In Brazil, ADRA responded to the urgent needs of families struggling in the aftermath of floods that ravaged 38 cities throughout the Amazon. ADRA distributed baskets of food to flood victims in the affected regions and deployed a team of doctors and health professionals to an area where the local hospital was flooded.

Peru: In Peru, ADRA is improving the lives of families through its community development bank program. This program offers individuals the opportunity to take a small loan from ADRA and use it to start a business. As these new business owners generate revenue, they repay their loans and continue to grow their business.

Bolivia: In Bolivia, harsh economic times have made providing for one’s family increasingly difficult. As a last resort, some parents have abandoned their children. In response, ADRA has opened 37 residential care facilities in El Alto, which look after these children and provide them with food and shelter. In addition, ADRA is providing parenting workshops, trauma counseling, and legal assistance.

Paraguay: In Paraguay, six out of 10 children needlessly suffer from violence and abuse in their homes. To address this alarming statistic, ADRA has developed a project to prevent domestic violence and child abuse. The project is educating the public about the negative effects of physical and emotional abuse and is offering training to teachers to help them recognize signs of abuse among students. Through these efforts, ADRA is preventing further abuse.

These are just some of the countries where ADRA is at work. For more about where we work visit our interactive map.

The Rainbow House of Hope is a refuge for street children to escape the horrors of child pornography and trafficking in Moldova.