Where We Work: Europe

Although Europe is home to many who are rich and privileged, there are also millions who are suffering.

ADRA is working in 27 countries throughout Europe, paying particular attention to the needs of the poor in Eastern Europe. People groups such as the Roma (gypsies) face persecution and isolation. High unemployment combined with a relatively high cost of food means that many families face hunger and malnutrition daily. The number of individuals living on less than $2 a day hasn’t improved in Europe during the past decade.

ADRA knows that there is still much to be done and we’re working hard to make tomorrow better for the impoverished in Europe. For details about our projects and the people ADRA is helping check out the stories in the tabs above.

Building a New Life.


ADRA operates one of the only two safe houses for women and children in Bucharest, Romania, a city with a population of more than 2 million people. This necessary ministry is uplifting hundreds of lives.

Under the current law, abuse is not well-defined, so victims have virtually no rights. Most families do not welcome women when they flee an abusive home, leaving them with nowhere to go. ADRA's safe house provides a community kitchen, children's playroom, large family room, and private bedroom with bath for each guest. Many women have been kept as virtual prisoners in their homes before leaving. Being together with other women helps them to break their isolation, to learn they are not alone, and to receive support from others.

Clean water is life — Help ADRA bring life to millions.


“No thank you. Today is not my turn to drink water.” — Ethiopian boy to ADRA employee

It's hard to believe, but clean, fresh water is difficult to find in many areas of the world. When water is available, it is often muddy and contaminated with bacteria, and children are usually the first to get sick and die from water-related diseases.

A “Rainbow” of Hope in Moldova


The smell of fresh paint and the happy, hurried pounding of children’s feet filled the halls of the new rehabilitation center for street children in Moldova, as the new residents enthusiastically inspected their new home this past fall. “The children couldn’t believe their eyes,” recalls Andrei Girleanu, country director for the ADRA office in Moldova. “Everywhere you looked, you could hear children yelling excitedly, “This is our HOME!”

ADRA Romania Fights Domestic Violence


SILVER SPRING, Md. – The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is continuing it responds following an earthquake shook the city of Kraljevo, Serbia in early November. The violent quake significantly damaged hundreds of buildings and houses, displacing thousands of families and injuring more than 500 people

Former ADRA Executive Awarded OBE for Outstanding Service to Humanity


John Arthur, who has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, for almost 40 years, has been awarded the OBE, Officer of the British Empire, in The Queen's Birthday Honors List. The award is in recognition of his involvement in international humanitarian work.