Where We Work: Africa

ADRA is changing lives in 38 countries on the African continent.

More than 1 billion people call Africa home, and millions of them are in desperate need of help. Despite being blessed with many natural resources, Africa is still the world’s poorest and most underdeveloped continent.

In sub-Saharan Africa, 80 percent of people live on less than $2.50 a day—for many of the poor the number drops to only 70 cents. Deadly diseases like AIDS and malaria have left children without parents, mothers without children, and entire regions devastated. In 2007 alone 2 million Africans died from AIDS, while another 33 million are living with the disease. Africa accounts for 90 percent of malaria deaths worldwide, and poor sanitation and lack of clean water is responsible for many other health problems.

Throughout the continent education is often poor and illiteracy is extremely common in many areas. Political unrest and armed conflict in some regions have uprooted hundreds of thousands from their homes and seriously disrupted local economies.

ADRA is facing these problems head-on through projects scattered all across Africa. For more information on what ADRA is doing in Africa, read the stories and project descriptions by clicking on the tabs above.

Help a child live to see their fifth birthday


Around the world, children under age five walk a dangerous tightrope between life and death. Hunger, malnutrition, and preventable diseases cut many young lives tragically short. ADRA is fighting to save them, but we need your help.

Right now you can truly make a difference for these at-risk children. Through a special matching opportunity each dollar you give to save children's lives becomes $5. Give today and save a life!

The suffering and vulnerable need you


Wars, disasters, famine.

In an instant, families lose everything; even loved ones are taken from them.

When the unthinkable happens, ADRA is there.

Toilets save lives


Every 20 seconds, a child dies from poor sanitation.

ADRA’s sanitation programs are curtailing these unnecessary deaths. We are constructing latrines and providing basic sanitation education, and saving countless lives.

Life-threatening illnesses and dangers caused by poor sanitation are a problem. Today, you can be part of the solution.

Be an everyday miracle


26,000 a day

9.7 million a year

Children under 5 are dying in staggering numbers worldwide from preventable causes such as malnutrition and poor hygiene. For many children, reaching their fifth birthday is a miracle.

ADRA is working every day to reverse this trend. You can help us bring lifesaving remedies to children around the world.

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Spring 2009 ADRA Works


Eco-gardening gives families a healthy, affordable route to complete food security. ADRA's NewStart eco-gardens have been so successful that they have even received funding from the South African government.

ADRA Spring 2009 World Update


ADRA's work in Africa is helping children, women, and men to live happier, healthier lives. View the map to see how we're making a difference.

The Power of Wind


ADRA is harnessing the power of the wind to change lives in Somaliland by installing the first wind powered water pump in Gebiley. Demonstrating the effectiveness of wind energy, water is now available for domestic use, livestock, and agricultural production.

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