Innocent children die each day from malnutrition and preventable diseases.

Meet Mereilisoni "Mere" Suraki, a young woman trapped in poverty, who has transformed her life with the help of ADRA and one simple investment.

ADRA is giving hardworking women and men around the world the opportunity to earn an income. Armed with an ADRA small-enterprise education and resources, young adults in Fiji are providing for their families through home businesses such as beekeeping.

Bees provide honey, wax, royal jelly, and other lucrative products. In addition to selling their products in local markets, beekeepers have a steady source of nutritional honey to add to their family’s diet. Most of all, keeping bees provides a reliable income. That means food on the table, educated children, self-sufficiency, and even money saved for the future.

Mere understands the power that a single investment can have. Mere is an enterprising 25-year-old from the island of Viti Levu, part of Fiji. Finding employment is very difficult for young people in the region, and many are at risk of substance abuse and even suicide.

ADRA taught Mere and other young women and men basic business principles, such as how to write a business plan, analyze costs and revenue, and apply for loans. At the end of the program, participants submitted business plans for any venture they were interested in, and ADRA invested $400 to boost them toward their dream.

Help ADRA give hardworking men and women the chance to free themselves from poverty and chase their dreams of self-sufficiency. Give today!

"Grab every opportunity you get," Mere tells us. "Bigger things will come if you commit yourself to the little things. I never dreamed that I would get this far, but I guess if one has the interest and the passion, then very little can get in their way."

Give today and invest in the future of hardworking people around the world. You can give them the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. Change a life today!