You Make the Difference

Antonia is a fifth grade teacher at a school in the Paraguayan Chaco, a large region of mostly indigenous peoples, most of who live in abject poverty. "I thank ADRA for helping my students and their families," Antonia shares. "It may be hard for you to believe, but one of my students, Luis, told me that he is still in school because he has not lost his pencil because of the gift of the ADRA backpack. You see, toward the end of the school year, families cannot afford to replace school supplies, so many children stop attending."

Your gift to ADRA provides a fresh start to children and families who are devastated by tragedy and poverty.

"ADRA did not stop there-you keep returning. We have received teacher training so that we are now better teachers," says Antonia. "And you have helped us learn to be healthier. ADRA is building homes for the families that lost their houses during the flooding. You respect us. This makes us determined to do our best to improve our lives and willing to share what we have with each other."

Around the world, ADRA is teaching families and children how to live healthy, productive lives. In Paraguay, one of the many things ADRA is doing is breaking down barriers of prejudice and misinformation that keep HIV-positive children from living a full, healthy life. While the government provides these children with medical care and medicines, there are very few places that provide emotional support, education, food, transportation for medical treatments, and support to caregivers.

These programs in Paraguay are just a few of the many ADRA programs that are empowering and changing lives and communities around the world. Poverty threatens the wellbeing of families all over the world.

Children are left without parents or a way to survive, and often end up on the street. ADRA steps in to be the family they don't have, providing food, shelter, and love.

Adults and children often lack the education and literacy they need to be successful. ADRA seeks to empower children and give those who missed schooling opportunities a chance for a new beginning through education.

Children and families need you! Your gift is important. Give Today.