ADRA is supporting India

"The children here don't dream about their futures. How could they?" -ADRA Volunteer

Creative and inspired, Eight-year-old Inbavana is full of possibility. "Drawing is my favorite thing to do at the ADRA center. They say my drawings are very good. I like to draw scenes from Hindu scriptures."

Inbavana loves drawing and learning traditional dance in the ADRA children's club after school. ADRA is giving her the chance to develop and grow into the successful young woman she dreams of becoming. Someday, she wants to become a doctor!

Motivated and smart, Thirteen-year-old Santhash believes in himself.

"Before ADRA came, my children wouldn't listen, especially Santhash. Now he's completely changed. He really enjoyed making his science project for summer camp. The experience changed him; now he's playing creatively."

-Santhash's mother

Santhash used to skip school and get in fights with other boys by the river. Now he enjoys studying science in his free time after school. Someday, he wants to become a police officer so he can help protect people.

Through after-school children's clubs, summer camps, health fairs, and other educational supports, ADRA is igniting dreams in these talented children.

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