What We Do: Supporting Families

Poverty threatens the wellbeing of families all over the world.

Children are left without parents or a way to survive, and often end up on the street. ADRA steps in to be the family they don’t have, providing food, shelter, and love.

Adults and children often lack the education and literacy they need to be successful. ADRA seeks to empower children and give those who missed schooling opportunities a chance for a new beginning through education.

Give Hope to Children, Women and Men In India


ADRA knows that education is the best way to break the cycle of poverty and give children the tools they need to succeed. Together, we can watch as they begin to dream of what they can achieve.

Through ADRA, you can help the hopeless discover hope. Join us as we strive to create a generation of dreamers with the skills and education to not only chase their dreams—but achieve them.

Give children in India a chance to dream for their futures again.

Helping Children & Families in Paraguay


Around the world, ADRA is teaching families and children how to live healthy, productive lives. In Paraguay, one of the many things ADRA is doing is breaking down barriers of prejudice and misinformation that keep HIV-positive children from living a full, healthy life. While the government provides these children with medical care and medicines, there are very few places that provide emotional support, education, food, transportation for medical treatments, and support to caregivers.

These programs in Paraguay are just a few of the many ADRA programs that are empowering and changing lives and communities around the world.

For children with bleak futures, ADRA is a beacon of hope


Every day, 5,760 children become orphans. Others face neglect and abuse at the hands of their families and neighbors.

Thousands more are given responsibilities beyond their years as they struggle to help their families eat.

ADRA is working to bring hope and opportunity to children around the world. Our programs give children the chance to live happy, healthy lives and receive an education so that their futures are brighter.

25 Years Saving Lives


Across the world, families suffer from drought, malnutrition, and disease brought on by inadequate sanitation.

Civil wars, conflicts, and famines drive millions from their homes and force them to seek shelter and comfort in a foreign land.

Wherever we’re needed, ADRA is there. For 25 years, we have worked to help people in desperate situations rebuild and improve their lives, regardless of race, religion, or politics. Your generous gifts allow us to be agents of change around the world.

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Cambodia - A Place of Hope


Since 1988, ADRA has been working throughout Cambodia. Water and sanitation, mother-child health, food security, stop smoking campaigns, adventure therapy, training village health workers and birth attendants are just a few of the current projects.

Stoves Save Energy & Improve Health


Preparing a meal is not a big ordeal for most of us. A quick trip to the grocery store to pick a few items and we're back to our kitchens. At home we have enough pans, utensils, and seasonings to assist us in cooking a feast. With our ingredients ready we turn on the stove or preheat the oven. Depending on the dish, an hour or so later and we're sitting around the dinner table. We often forget that in many places around the world, it's just not that simple.

Closer to Her Children


It is five in the morning, Djoliba, a devout Muslim, wakes up and says her first morning prayer. After a few minutes of dutiful prayer she is ready to start her day.
She is no different that most women in Segou, one of the nine regions of Mali, the largest country in West Africa, where one third of the population lives in poverty.

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