Syrian Refugees Need Your Help

Help Syrian Refugees Survive the Crisis

Unrest in Syria continues to escalate, and thousands of Syrian families are fleeing their homes each day. The number of displaced people is astounding. Right now, there are 6.25 million people who have fled their homes to save their lives.

Two-thirds of these individuals are camped out somewhere in Syria. The other third have fled to the nearby countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and Iraq, where they live in refugee camps or inadequate shelters.

ADRA is there. And we have been for months. We are intervening. We are saving lives. We are lifting the burdens of our brothers and sisters.

You can help people in crisis by sending your gift today.

Right now, ADRA is coordinating an international relief effort on behalf of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) with the support of countries around the world. We are intervening with a cash assistance program for defenseless Syrian refugee families. And we’re also providing obstetrical and gynecological care to 3,300 Syrian refugee women in the West Bekaa region of Lebanon. These are women who wouldn’t otherwise receive the critical care they need as they bring new lives into this world.

Today, these families have nowhere to turn but to you.

We are working tirelessly to provide lifesaving secondary health care assistance to more than 1,000 vulnerable individuals affected by the Syrian crisis living in Lebanon. More than half of all Syrian refugees living in Lebanon do not receive the medical care they need. By providing this critical service, ADRA is limiting the number of Syrian refugees who risk their lives in an attempt to return to Syria in order to receive free treatment.

Help us protect defenseless individuals whose lives have been shattered through violence and war.

The need to expand our work in Jordan, Lebanon, and other countries hosting Syrian refugees is great; however, we can’t provide that urgent assistance and continue to aid desperate families in the Philippines, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and other countries without you.

Please join us in helping them now. Donate today.