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Recovering from Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan—possibly the strongest storm in recorded history—slammed into the Philippines the morning of Friday, November 8. The storm hit island after island as it moved across the country, leaving behind broken families, leveled homes, and destroyed livelihoods.

The death toll has already reached the thousands, and there are projections that it will keep climbing. For the survivors, there is no comfort—without homes, without clean water, without food, hope is scarce.

Help those who have lost everything by giving to ADRA today.

We are already on the ground in the Philippines, mobilizing resources to make sure families receive the aid they need for the long recovery process. We're providing emergency response solutions such as food and temporary shelters, and also bringing water purification systems to the area so that clean water is within reach. Remember that none of this is possible without donations from our ADRA family.

ADRA will continue to assess the devastation so that we can develop longer-term recovery and rebuilding programs. The ADRA International emergency team in Silver Spring, Maryland, is in constant contact with the ADRA Philippines office and the rest of our network around the world to make sure we are doing all we can to speed the recovery efforts. We will continue to update you as progress continues.

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Your support today can help vulnerable populations begin to rebuild their lives. Please pray for those affected by this storm, our ADRA staff and volunteers, and the many emergency aid workers in the region.