You Make the Difference

Chramram is an isolated village in Manipur state in Northeast India. Rice has long been produced in large quantities. Being sufficient for the village was never a problem; in fact, there was always a surplus to be shared with surrounding villages.

Unfortunately, Chramram experienced two years of poor crops followed by a severe crop failure last year. This placed the people in the district under a lot pressure, affecting their food security and impacting other needs, such as medicine and the education of children.

Your gift provides much needed relief to families in distress.

"I worked hard to prepare the fields and plant the rice for my family to have enough to eat," says Namdiliang, a widow living in Chramram. "And then the rats came. They came because of the flowering bamboo, and they ate almost my entire harvest. They ruined the harvest of the entire village.

"If ADRA had not come to help us, I would have walked two days to the nearest town to sell a chicken to buy 15 kilograms [33 pounds] of rice to carry on my back another two days home," Namdiliang says with a weary voice. "I would have done this many times. I am overjoyed that ADRA delivered 50 kilograms [110 pounds] of rice to me. This is a great blessing."

Altogether, ADRA assisted 12 of the most affected villages with 60 tons of rice. ADRA is hoping to scale up its response to assist other vulnerable households with essential food supplies.

In 2012, we assisted more than 900,000 disaster survivors! And ADRA regularly stays beyond the initial emergency to restore dignity to survivors through livelihoods, agriculture, and many other poverty fighting initiatives.

This help is possible only because of people like you who support this life-saving ministry with their gifts. Please give today.