On The Ground

Muara Gembong, Bekasi Regency, West Java Province, INDONESIA - Flood Emergency Response


In January 2013, western parts of Java experienced days of heavy rain, causing widespread and numerous flooding in Jakarta and West Java towns reaching peak disturbance. In Jakarta, about 20,000 displaced persons were crowding evacuation centers, mosques, and public buildings. Several deaths from electrocution, drowning and susceptible old age have been reported. Lack of clean water and toilet facilities, food, and blankets are prime needs for people, mainly women and children.

While Jakarta received coverage and attention, ADRA Indonesia was informed of another flood from the Citarum River in neighboring Bekasi Regency, 80 kms from Jakarta, affecting many riverside villages, including some 7,000 persons in Muara Gembong sub-district of Bekasi Regency, West Java Province. However, very little or no relief aid was provided at all until ADRA caught wind of this information.

ADRA Response:

ADRA Indonesia's Rapid Assessment team gathered initial information of Jakarta and Muara Gembong floods in preparation for an intervention plan. ADRA worked on the two most affected villages, Pantai Bakti and Pantai Bahagia of about 1,000 households (approximately 3,400 people). Both villages had a lack of food and water. Their only means of access (hanging bridge and small boat crossing) had been cut off, stopping any traffic or food supply for days. The need for food supplies to feed babies, children and the elderly were critical. ADRA has distributed food items to about 1,000 households, which supplied needed energy and nutritional supplements while additional aid was received. ADRA Indonesia, ADRA Asia Regional Office, and ADRA International have been commited in the flood disaster relief efforts.

ADRA will continue to update as we continue our recovery response.