What We Do: Promoting Health

Health is at the very core of much of the world’s poverty and suffering. Deadly diseases like AIDS and malaria are absolutely devastating in many areas, leaving parents without children, and many orphans who must fend for themselves. ADRA is lowering the incidence of horrific diseases like these by teaching methods of prevention.

Lack of clean water and good sanitation, something that is often taken for granted, can debilitate entire villages with waterborne illnesses. By digging new wells and building sanitation systems, ADRA helps prevent many of the common medical problems that plague communities.

Help a child live to see their fifth birthday


Around the world, children under age five walk a dangerous tightrope between life and death. Hunger, malnutrition, and preventable diseases cut many young lives tragically short. ADRA is fighting to save them, but we need your help.

Right now you can truly make a difference for these at-risk children. Through a special matching opportunity each dollar you give to save children's lives becomes $5. Give today and save a life!

Teaching, Empowering, and Saving Lives


In the Tibetan Plateau, most of the population lives in extreme poverty, or less than $1 a day. Healthcare access has been difficult, leading to newborn and maternal deaths. ADRA is training community healthcare workers (CHW) within these villages. Healthcare messages are communicated in the local language through the utilizations of memorization and pictures.

$1 = $5 Donation Matching Opportunity for Child Survival Programs


No child should die from starvation and easily preventable diseases! Yet each day, more than 22,000 children under the age of 5 do. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles mourn over these little ones. Today, you can give young children in the developing world a healthy life by supporting ADRA’s child survival programs. Using simple interventions, we help children lead healthy lives.

Be an everyday miracle


26,000 a day

9.7 million a year

Children under 5 are dying in staggering numbers worldwide from preventable causes such as malnutrition and poor hygiene. For many children, reaching their fifth birthday is a miracle.

ADRA is working every day to reverse this trend. You can help us bring lifesaving remedies to children around the world.

Toilets save lives


Every 20 seconds, a child dies from poor sanitation.

ADRA’s sanitation programs are curtailing these unnecessary deaths. We are constructing latrines and providing basic sanitation education, and saving countless lives.

Life-threatening illnesses and dangers caused by poor sanitation are a problem. Today, you can be part of the solution.

Providing a Promising Future


Claudia Roxana Murguía lives in Caserío El Limón, a small community nestled in the hilly region of Morazán near the Honduran border. At 17, she faces the enormous task of being a mother. Her 10-month-old daughter, Ivana, is a happy baby. She looks around with her big captivating eyes and is perfectly at ease in the arms of her mother.

Tuberculosis - Fighting a Disease of the Past


Tuberculosis and children, two words that we don't like to link together. Yet in the developing world this disease affects many children. When they live in a household where a parent has the disease, income is affected as the adult becomes too sick to work and/or spends precious resources on medicines. Simple childcare and education are often neglected. Too many times small children are forced to work to support the family.

To Afford a Brain Shunt


It seemed impossible for the young, single, unemployed mother to find $850 for the brain shunt for her year-old son desperately needed. A schoolteacher, for example, earns less than $60 per month in Mongolia.