You Make the Difference

Jessie lives in eastern Zambia and shares with us, "I grow bananas, maize, sunflowers, groundnuts, grapes, tomatoes, onions, pumpkin, and sweet potato. ADRA has helped my family in many ways. Today, we have good food to eat and a good income. In the past, my bananas sold for 50 cents per kilo [2.2 pounds]; now, after I take my bananas to the solar drying center, I sell them to the exporter for $3 per kilo. Because of this, I am now sending my children to school and am even sending one of my children to secondary school!"

ADRA provides the necessary building blocks for individuals such as Jessie to work hard and change their lives and the lives of the children who depend on them. Will you join us by sending your gift today?

ADRA partnered with a local export company in 2011 and built three drying and processing centers throughout the country to open new markets to local farmers. Then we organized farmer cooperatives to add value to crops by drying them for export. The most popular dried fruits are mangos and bananas.

In addition to building the drying and processing center, ADRA identified the poorest female-headed households and created a female-directed goat cooperative. "ADRA has gone a long way in assisting women like me," Jessie continues. "Ten of us in this village each received two female goats, and we share one male."

"The lives of people have really improved in this part of Zambia," Jessie says with a smile. "It's my wish that many more will benefit from this ADRA project. Please keep helping this community so that others may improve their lives like I have."

Since 1985, ADRA's agriculture projects have linked food production with nutrition and improved health. Knowing that the mind and body need good, nutritious food for optimum health and productivity, ADRA has focused on the growing of vegetables for home consumption and the identification of market needs for growing products to sell.

Families living without hope in extreme need and pain are blessed and uplifted by ADRA's programs. Again and again, these individuals share with ADRA workers their wonder that individuals whom they do not know would invest in them and their communities. Individuals such as you!

Your gift today will make an incredible difference for families who are struggling to survive.