Help ADRA show God's Love by providing kindness and care to disabled children in Mongolia

No one desires change more than the children, women, and men whose lives and futures are at stake. One of ADRA's missions is to help families across the world who cannot provide for their children born with disabilities.

Many families like Bayanzaya's, a child born deaf and has difficulty communicating, are so poor that they struggle to have enough to eat each day. The idea of getting special help for Bayanzaya is to them, impossible. In fact, because they cannot feed everyone, Bayanzaya's mother has given her two younger children to an orphan shelter.

Last year, ADRA workers enrolled Bayanzaya into a school for the deaf. Here, the 11-year-old boy embraced the new things he was learning with great enthusiasm. However, staying in the dormitory proved too difficult, as he was constantly filled with homesickness and yearning for his mother, grandmother, and siblings.

Today, Bayanzaya spends his days at home doing small chores, such as fetching water from the well and chopping the firewood.

Your gift will help Bayanzaya and others like him to receive the help they need from ADRA. Now more than ever, we must provide care and support to those families that have nowhere else to turn. Will you share your gifts with those who are desperately struggling?

Gan lives in Mongolia, where ADRA has been working since 1994. One of our many initiatives since 2000 has been working with disabled children from extremely poor families. In Mongolia, mentally and physically challenged children suffer abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation, and discrimination in their homes and communities. These children are considered a burden, hopeless, and a great shame to their families. A vast majority of them are confined to their gers (homes) all their lives.

"In my dreams each night, I walk and run with other children," Gan says. "When I wake up, I cannot move without help. For that moment, I am sad and I remember that my arms and legs still do not work."

Since 2006, ADRA has been operating a rehabilitation center for disabled children in one of the poorest suburbs of Ulaanbaatar. Gan is one of the 200 children currently benefiting from the physical and occupational services offered.

Five years ago, our workers met Gan and his family, and we immediately began bringing Gan to the ADRA rehabilitation center. He has learned to read and to do very simple things for himself with very limited movements.

"Going to the rehab center makes me happy," shares Gan. "I like to talk with other kids my age and to the ADRA workers. We laugh and joke together. It is good. They exercise my muscles, and it gives me hope. I really want to learn everything I can. I know I am smart and can learn anything. My greatest dream, besides running and walking on my own, is to hold a job and earn an income. I do not want to be a burden to others."

Often, we give gifts to honor family and friends, those who are dear to us. Will you send a special gift today to show kindness to the poor and honor God?