What We Do: Protecting the Vulnerable

Around the world millions of children, women, and men are persecuted or denied basic human rights. Minority groups are discriminated against and denied education. Children and women are sexually exploited. Often, these vulnerable groups have nowhere to go for help.

ADRA is dedicated to protecting the vulnerable wherever they can be found in the world.

By working with governments and establishing educational programs in countries around the world, ADRA is the staunch defender of children who are sold to be sex workers, of women who must fight for the chance to learn to read, and for the millions of others around the world who suffer in silence.

Save Child Brides


Think about the girls in your own life—your daughters or granddaughters, your neighbors and friends. Even without the threat of child marriage, think of all the pressures they face to grow up too quickly and all the challenges they must overcome in order to become strong, resilient, and confident women.

Help Syrian Refugees Fleeing Civil War and Violence.


Syrian families continue to flee their homes, taking little with them. The humanitarian condition continues to worsen, violence is spreading, and the near future looks bleak. To save the lives of their children, families are crossing into Jordan and other neighboring countries.

Don't Miss the Opportunity to be a Blessing


Across the world there are children who are happiest when they are at the ADRA rehabilitation center. They love being with other children, playing, learning, and receiving the kindness of caregivers. ADRA is intervening on behalf of children who have been shunned and forgotten around the world. Will you help us?

Teaching, Empowering, and Saving Lives


Most Albinos in Tanzania have to keep their skin covered to protect it from severe sun damage. ADRA is working to ensure that albinos receive free skin creams, protective clothing and hats, sunglasses, and magnifying glasses for reading. Albinos also suffer from constant verbal and physical abuse. Because of the constant threats, many albinos keep themselves hidden.

$1 = $5 Towards Saving a Life


Giving young children in the developing world a healthy life is one of ADRA’s top priorities. ADRA knows that to keep a child alive to the age of 5 vastly increases their chance of survival to adulthood.

ADRA is combating easily preventable diseases that are stealing the lives of young children around the world. Providing them with clean water and adequate sanitation begins to break the chains of poverty.

Building a New Life.


ADRA operates one of the only two safe houses for women and children in Bucharest, Romania, a city with a population of more than 2 million people. This necessary ministry is uplifting hundreds of lives.

Under the current law, abuse is not well-defined, so victims have virtually no rights. Most families do not welcome women when they flee an abusive home, leaving them with nowhere to go. ADRA's safe house provides a community kitchen, children's playroom, large family room, and private bedroom with bath for each guest. Many women have been kept as virtual prisoners in their homes before leaving. Being together with other women helps them to break their isolation, to learn they are not alone, and to receive support from others.

ADRA provides clean, pure water to more than 40 countries in dire need.


Clean water is a building block of life. It is a basic requirement of living. Access to a plentiful supply of fresh, clean water is fundamental to health and growth. That’s why ADRA has been actively developing water resources for more than 20 years. Water is life, and we know it. In the communities that we serve around the world, no need is more urgent than the need for good, clean water. I am asking you to help us bring clean water to desperate, thirsty people.

Violence against women takes many forms. ADRA is working to end all of them.


In Sierra Leone and other African nations, 10 year old girls are forced to endure the brutal practice of female genital mutilation.

In Romania, 21 percent of women are physically abused, and 8 percent are sexually abused by a family member.

In Nepal, India, Thailand, and Cambodia, young girls and women become unwilling victims of sex trafficking.

ADRA is intervening to save women and bring them safety, comfort, hope, and love.

Help ADRA Protect Vulnerable Girls Around the World


Lured from their impoverished homes with the promise of legitimate jobs in the city, girls in Asia often are forced to work in the sex industry against their will or as a last resort.

In African countries like Kenya, girls are victims of female genital mutilation, causing physical and emotional scars that last a lifetime.

ADRA is working around the world to protect girls and provide a better future for them.

Lone Survivor


“Oftentimes I wonder if my mother has seen me but didn’t recognize me,” shared Ginny.

Born 16 years ago in the countryside of Haiti, Ginny’s mother gave her up at birth, and her father wanted nothing to do with her. Until age four she was cared for by a string of people she doesn’t remember, until she eventually ended up on the street.

Lin Thai's Story


Lin’s life was at risk before she turned 14. She was a member of the Ahka hill tribe living in tranquil hill region of Thailand’s Chiang Rai district. But despite living among her peaceful people, poverty, prejudice and a lack of education left her and other young Akha girls at risk.