If you would like to support a specific area of ADRA’s work you can choose a category of development that fits your particular interest. All of the areas ADRA works in are important, but find one or two that you’re really passionate about and then get involved. Make it your mission, that’s the only way we can truly change the world.



Help ADRA Save Lives


Give to ADRA's General Fund

In a rapidly changing world, needs can arise quickly. ADRA is always ready to respond thanks to people just like you who support “where needed most.” These unrestricted funds are used in many areas and can be quickly redirected to address the greatest current need.



Donate by Program

Protecting the Vulnerable

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By supporting ADRA’s protecting the vulnerable programs you become a voice for the children, women, and men who are being persecuted in many countries around the world. Your gifts help ADRA work with governments and establish rescue programs to protect young girls who are being sold as sex workers. You are helping to give women the chance to break through decades of gender discrimination and learn to read. You are helping minority groups to overcome social prejudice and live full lives. With your help ADRA can be a voice of advocacy and defense for the millions around the world who are denied the basic human rights we all deserve.

Supporting Families

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By supporting ADRA’s family programs you are helping families around the world that are threatened by poverty. Children are left on the street with no parents, and no way to survive. With your partnership, ADRA can become the family they don’t have. Your gifts provide orphaned children around the world with food, shelter, and love. With your help, we can also empower families with the education necessary for both adults and children to be successful and healthy. You can give families the support they need to survive together, and those who have already lost their family the care and love they need so badly.


Promoting Health

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By supporting ADRA’s health promotion programs, you are helping to teach rural villages ways to prevent deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria. You are helping provide sanitary water systems to villages that would otherwise be debilitated by waterborne diseases. Without your help, more children will be left orphaned by AIDS, more parents left without the knowledge or ability to care for their malnourished infants. Won’t you help ADRA promote health throughout the world?

Providing Food & Water

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By supporting ADRA’s food and water programs, you are helping to plant small gardens for hungry families. You are showing farmers how to improve their crop yields so they have extra food to sell. You are helping us repair old wells and drill new ones so communities have access to clean water. At ADRA we don’t just give handouts to hungry people; we develop their capacity to provide food for themselves and their families. Your generous gifts give people the food, nutrition, and tools not just to survive—but to thrive.


Establishing Livelihoods

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By supporting ADRA’s livelihood programs you are giving men and women around the world the chance to break out of the cycle of poverty. You are giving hardworking people a chance to start their own business through small loans of money or livestock. Your support also helps teach new livelihoods to people who may not have the skills to make a decent living. With your help, ADRA is giving men and women the knowledge and opportunity to be able to support themselves and their families.

Emergency Response

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By supporting ADRA’s emergency response program you are giving us the ability to quickly respond when wars, hurricanes, famines, floods, earthquakes, or other disasters strike. Emergencies, both natural and manmade, can force thousands from their homes and devastate the natural resources of entire regions. You are giving shelter to refugee families, food packages to famine-stricken villages, and medical care to the victims of earthquakes or tsunamis. With your help ADRA can also establish long-term projects to help affected regions recover.