ADRA eCards

ADRA is working to improve lives in more than 120 countries around the world. We believe that this world can be a better place if we invest in the potential of the poorest among us. If you would like to share the work of ADRA with friends or family, eCards are an excellent way to do it.

Celebrate the Women and Children of ADRA

Until the day that Jesus returns and makes the world right, ADRA is commissioned to work on behalf of every suffering infant, child, and adult who comes within our areas of influence. Meet the women and children of ADRA and share their hope with others through these ecards.

Get Involved with ADRA Special Events

When you look at the big picture, the suffering in the world is staggering. At ADRA we identify and work in areas that will make a measurable difference in the world. Some of these issues are highlighted as special ADRA events or projects. Besides your donations and prayers, one of the best ways you can support our mission is by spreading the word about these special events. Send an ecard and tell your friends!