Helping the Poor is at the Core of ADRA's Work Around the World

Helping the poor around the world is the full time work of ADRA. Major cities around the globe are seeing dramatic rises in poverty due to so many people migrating to these locations. As technology increases, people from provincial areas migrate toward larger cities within their home countries. These cities, for years, have been growing beyond what they are able to sustain. There is not enough housing, jobs, or food, so the task of helping the poor grows even greater.

On the opposite end of people migrating toward the large cities, are those who live in far remote areas where there is no access to clean water, no medical facilities or medicine available, and no access to food. People in these conditions literally live and die depending on what they are able to get off the land surrounding them.

How is ADRA Specifically Helping the Poor
In Brazil ADRA is helping the poor by helping the homeless children living on the streets. The street children living there are put out on the streets because of various reasons. Some families just can't support the children any longer. Others loose their parents to death or abandonment. ADRA has a children's center which takes in these street children, some as young as 5 years old. Once in ADRA's care, they receive food, clothing, shelter, and education. ADRA works to reunite the child with their families when possible. If this is not an option, they seek to place the child in a home where they will be wanted and loved.

Another way ADRA is helping the poor is in the housing project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Due to the wars that have plagued the region in the past, many people have been forced from their homes. When they return, everything is burned out. Most of these people just want the chance to start over, but trying to find a job, provide for a family, and live life is virtually impossible when they have no home. To help these poor, ADRA has a program that builds houses for the people in the Democratic Republic of Congo returning from exile. For $500.00, ADRA is able to build a single family home in the Congo with a window and a door. These homes are giving families a new start on life.

Those are just two examples among literally thousands of how ADRA is helping the poor all around the world. Improve the lives of the poor worldwide by giving to ADRA's Help Save Lives Fund.

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