Child Poverty and Hunger Worldwide, and How ADRA Makes a Difference

There are so many regions of the world where child poverty and hunger are prominent. Some strategic locations where ADRA is working right now include Moldova, Ethiopia, and the Democractic Republic of Congo. ADRA has been reaching out to help reduce and eliminate child poverty and hunger around the world whenever possible for more than 25 years. ADRA strives to work in partnership with communities to alleviate suffering, to enable people to become self-sufficient, and to help provide medical support, literacy programs, and food programs to those in need. The mission of ADRA is to be the hands and feet of God to whoever is in need, regardless of ethnicity, political affiliations or religion.

ADRA Making a Difference in the Child Poverty and Hunger in Moldova

In Moldova, for example, ADRA works to end child poverty and hunger by working with street children. The street children of Moldova have been turned away from their family for one reason or another. Poverty and the lack of any means to take care of the children are why so many are put on the streets, some as young as 5 years old.

ADRA works with these children to end child poverty and hunger by doing several things. First, they house and feed the children. Second, they educate them, and if possible, set up a way to have them return to their family once the family has gone through some counseling. If that does not work, then ADRA, with the family's permission, pursues placement of these children into homes where they will be wanted. This program has been tremendously successful. Many children have been placed into homes within Moldova, giving them a chance at life with a family that cares for them which is far from the life once lived on the streets.

ADRA Helping to Alleviate the Most Extreme Child Poverty and Hunger in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the child poverty and hunger is so extreme that they literally have nothing. There is no food, water, clothing, shelter, nothing. Food for these children might be leaves off a tree. The water they have access to is contaminated. Because of the severe malnutrition these children face, they have stunted growth and development causing them to fall way behind other children their ages. These children are very susceptible to diseases of all kinds. At minimum, ADRA helps these children with therapeutic feeding, which involves intense vitamins and nutrition in small quantities to basically give these children a chance at life.

ADRA's Work to End Child Poverty and Hunger in the Democratic Republic of Congo
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, ADRA is working with local families and communities to build homes for families. With $500.00, a single home with a door and window can be built. This is a tremendous blessing to the people living in the Democractic Republic of Congo. When they had to flee during the war, families literally had to leave everything. Upon returning home, they find everything burned to the ground. It is very difficult for these families to think about looking for work, putting in a garden, or sending their children off to school when they don't even have a sense of being. These homes provide a fresh start for families, and they are thriving because of the new homes being built and the lives being changed. In addition, ADRA also has food programs throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has further helped to reduce the child poverty and hunger in the region.

Another ADRA program that is changing lives and reducing the effects of child poverty and hunger are the school feeding projects currently in operation throughout Africa. Parents in Africa know that if their children go to school, they will receive a hot meal by a nutritionist in the middle of the day. If the children stay home, they will most likely not eat since the parents don't have any means to feed them. There is a double benefit to this program. Children get fed a lunch, and they are in school, so they are being educated on a daily basis. It is a true win-win.

Reasons for Child Poverty and Hunger
The sources of child poverty and hunger are multifaceted. Civil unrest, the lack of roads, electricity, lack of knowledge, etc. Some of the locations where poverty is extensive are so remote, there are few if any signs of civilized life. Generations of people live the same as their parents did, and their parent's parents did. It's all they have ever known. People tend to grow the same types of food without a basic understanding of nutritional needs for health. However, there may be several different types of foods which can be grown successfully in a particular region. ADRA helps educate people on a wide array of foods that might grow well in particular locations, and help the local people with the production of these new types of foods.

How Can You Help ADRA Stop Child Poverty and Hunger Right Now?
The beautiful little children of Moldova would be a great place to start. Children, some as young as 5 years old, spend their days scrounging through garbage for food. They live a terrified life on the streets, especially at night when the danger surrounding them is so great.

ADRA goes to these children on the streets where they live and spends time talking to them. They are invited to come and live in the children's home where there is food, shelter, caring people, a playground for the kids, and the opportunity for an education. ADRA even provides things to these children that many of them have never experienced such as birthday parties, Christmas, medical care, psychological care, and more. The children stay in the ADRA home, which was recently built for these children.

Another immediate need right now lies in Zimbabwe because of the Cholera. ADRA has a number of projects where they are directly working with children to end child hunger and poverty. AIDS, extreme poverty, inflation, and massive unemployment are all working together to break up families. Children as young as 2 years old are on the streets, and no one is taking them in. ADRA has opened a children's center, but they are unable to give children shelter at this time. A number of ADRA workers have taken children into their homes, but it isn't enough. Children do come to the ADRA center to spend the day with ADRA staff, get their clothes washed, take a shower, and receive food and medical care. ADRA is also starting a literacy program because many of these children, who are 9 and 10 years old, have never been to school in their life. This ADRA children's center is giving these kids a safe place to come where they can learn, and gain self-worth. There are far too many children there than ADRA can possibly help. This is a huge need.

Your donation today will make a difference in the lives of the children in Africa and around the world. Help end child poverty and hunger today.Help ADRA Save Lives HERE.

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